Interior Design for SourceFuse Technologies, Mohali – IT company

The open, transparent and ‘cool’ culture of this IT company itself became the inspiration for its office space design concepts. “Don’t be afraid of colour” was a feedback from the client that became our design mantra for this project. We were encouraged to think out of the box and play around with new ideas. Budget and timeline being the big constraints in this project, pushed us to play around with simple concepts like graffiti, paint and material colours.

The reception design of two elements fusing was inspired by the name of the company. We used the colours of the logo not only in the reception design but also a palette for
the rest of the office.

We noticed the geek-gamer culture of the company and came up with the ‘TETRIS’ pattern in the carpet tiles. These patterns remind you to add ‘fun’ in the otherwise serious office environment. The colours of the tetris blocks helped integrate the entire office.

Manager,CEO and COO cabins were kept vibrant as well. A special effort was made to help personalise these spaces. The COO’s favourite music band “Oasis” posters were added on the walls of his office.

We added fun and interactive spaces throughout the office. These spaces were designed to be multifunctional. The open space with steps can be used for addressing a gathering or coding in peace. The lacquered glass with stools in front can be used for a quick small meeting or a personal brainstorming session.