About Us

Design philosophy

We believe that a truly effective design is one in which the functional aspects are integrated with the aesthetics in an effortless and seem less way. When we say ‘functional aspects’, we don’t just mean client requirements and space planning, but also energy efficiency, abundant natural light and cost effective ways of using  materials (and planning for future use and maintenance).

We enjoy working on large scale projects while magnifying and detailing tiny spaces. Just like the brick is the building block of construction, small functional spaces are the bricks for making the overall large project work. It is this reason that we design architectural and interior spaces with equal ease.

Furniture is the bye-product of our obsession with details and setting the design right till the very end use. We work mostly with wood (MP teak) and have produced fine pieces at our workshop.

Array of services and drawings provided by our firm:

Architectural work:

Interior designing and related works:


List of some of our clients:

  1. Unilever
  2. Jawed Habib – hair salons
  3. Ireo
  4. Edifecs
  5. Hdfc
  6. PHD Chambers
  7. CLAAS
  8. Government Polytechnic – ITI College for women
  9. Punjab Tourism
  10. Mr. Jasjeet Chaddah
  11. Mr. Rajiv Mahajan (Jalandhar)
  12. Mr. Haninder Sandhu (Hoshiarpur)
  13. Mr. Jai Singh
  14. Mr. Jasrodia
  15. Mr. Dhiman
  16. Mr. Punia
  17. Mr. Anil Rana